Posted by: conservativecritic | November 24, 2011

Obama’s Continuing War on US Natural Resources – Now, its Coal

In 2008, then-candidate Obama spoke of his passionate distaste for fossil fuel-based energy.  He called for a cap-and-trade energy policy that would make electricity prices “skyrocket” and “bankrupt” coal-burning utilities(his words).  Since then, Obama has taken every opportunity to slam the fossil fuels that provide about 85 percent of U.S. Energy.

To solidify his warfare against our natural resources, he hired Dr. Steven Chu, an eminent physicist from Livermore Research Laboratories.  Chu, in one of his first policy statements as Secretary of Energy stated that

“…we have to find a way to increase our domestic fuel prices to that of Europe($8-$10 per gallon)”

…in order to make alternative energy systems such as solar and wind and biofuels appear more cost competitive.

The team working to destroy America's natural resources...

Thanks in part to the recession and its related, reduced fuel demands, those outrageous fuel prices have not come to fruition.  But of course, that has not stopped Obama and Chu from throwing hundreds of millions of dollars at solar and wind projects which were found to be cooking the books and unable to get out of the gate in terms of profitability at any level.

Now, the new enemy is COAL.  Unable to push cap-and-trade through congress, Obama has sidestepped the legislative process and used executive-branch power to drive his anti-fossil fuel agenda.

While there are easily a dozen different ways to compare the end user costs of various energy sources, the following chart is typical of what one can find through an easy Internet search.

Comparison of energy costs for the average consumer...

Clearly, the path Obama and Chu have chosen with their worthless solar expeditions is to  force the lower and middle class to pay far more for energy costs that by way of alternate(solar, wind) energy sources…In addition, many of these alternative energy systems will never be built due to intensive environmental lawsuits to protect desert rodents.

Actually, the environmentalists can’t seem to get their story straight – they want alternative energy sources…then they don’t…then they….well, you get the idea.



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