Posted by: conservativecritic | December 14, 2011

Keystone XL Pipeline – another Obama economic debacle simply to get environmental votes…sick..

UPDATE:  Congress has recently passed the Social Security tax bill and attached to it was the Keystone XL pipeline bill…Obama now has 60 days to issue a permit for construction or provide specific reasons why delay or cancellation of the project is in the national interest…should be interesting how he tries to  spin this one.



Obama has gotten a reputation of someone who simply cannot make a decision…unless it directly benefits himself, a clinical narcissist.  Here we have the chief executive of the USA attempting to delay any decision on the important Keystone XL Pipeline from Canada…until after the 2012 elections….primarily to gain votes from the radical environmentalists who oppose any increase in conventional energy resources for the US economy.

The State Department completely vetted this issue and gave its blessing to construction of this important system on August 11, 2011.  The entire Environmental Impact Report on the Keystone XL project is at

Obama lies outright and claims that no such report has been completed and more “work” needs to be done in order to show that there will be no impact to the remote grasslands of Nebraska(go there sometime if you really want to know what “remote” is) should the 3 foot diameter pipeline spring a leak.  This is simply a weak handed ploy by Obama to obfuscate and not upset environmentalists who may be key to his re-election effort in 2012—if he throws them enough crumbs…

We don’t need a president who wants to play games with our critical energy programs –  there are dozens of pipelines cris-crossing our nation, carrying water, gas, oil and other fuels more safely than most any other domestic problems(such as car accidents, heart attacks, diabetes, etc.).  A single, small oil spill in Montana has given radical environmentalists more ammunition to attempt to slow or stop the progress of the Keystone XL project.

One argument used by the environmental movement is that the tar sands oil will be exceptionally heavy in carbon output(well, hello there environmental idiots…tar sands oil burns more efficiently than other oils and thus give off more energy and carbon).

If we don’t employ the Keystone XL pipeline, Canada will simply pipe the same tar sands oil to the British Columbia coast and load it on eagerly waiting Chinese freighters and it will go up in smoke in China instead of the USA – and the United States will not reduce by one single barrel its dependency on oil from our “friends” in Venzeuela, Nigeria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other rogue nations such as Libya.

With the Canadian oil likely going to China, Obama can claim a victory for the US environmentalists, but will not lay claim to the tens of thousands of lost US jobs over a cancelled major pipeline project.

Obama once again playing politics with America’s economic future – all in order to regain election in 2012…when he again can find other projects like Solyndra and Keystone that will stoke his legacy…and destroy ours…

Comment:  if the pipeline had not traversed National, public lands, the project would have gone thru in a flash….Shown below are the areas which basically stopped the pipeline:

National Grasslands

The Nebraska National Forests & Grasslands includes three of the United States’ 20 National Grasslands:

The Buffalo Gap National Grassland covers 597,178 acres in southwestern South Dakota and lies on the Fall River Ranger District.

The Fort Pierre National Grassland covers 115,997 acres in central South Dakota and lies on the Ft. Pierre Ranger District.

The Ogalala National Grassland covers 94,480 acres in north western Nebraska and lies on the Pine Ridge Ranger District.


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