Posted by: conservativecritic | December 14, 2011

Obama and Ron Paul promoting sex with animals…unbelievable?

The news from the White House and the Obama administration seems to have no end to it reprehensible, abhorrent barbarism…Now, the administration has repealed Article 125 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice which made sodomy and sex with  animals a crime…

Actually, this incredible story started with Obama approving the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, one of his promises to the homosexual community during the last presidential election…Now, even individuals such as Ron Paul are caught in the sticky web of that Article 125 repeal, since with the Obama signature to allow  homosexual behavior in the military, sodomy with animals also  has to be repealed.  Ron Paul was one of the vocal promoters of the repeal of Article 125.  Where are those conservative Iowa voters who are so hot on the Baptist Ron Paul—they need to check up on this guy’s moral fabric…

When the question of this Defense Department change came up in a recent press conference, and the White House press moderator(Carney) was asked(twice) if Obama was promoting or accepting the fact that military personnel can now have sex with animals when on active duty, the moderator demurred and basically said “…next question please”.

Obama is the Commander in Chief and is ultimately responsible for operation of and maintenance of civility and morals in the armed forces.  By allowing this change, Obama winks and gives another group of crumbs to the homosexual community who he is desperately trying to win over for the  upcoming election.

And this man(Obama) professes to be a Christian?  Please!!!



  1. Obama is a fool and god will deal with him

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