Posted by: conservativecritic | December 18, 2011

Homosexuals in the Military – and the danger of information compromise…

The current trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning, an admitted homosexual, for passing top secret US military information to WikiLeaks is a clear signal that homosexuality in the military is dangerous to US intelligence operations and national security.

Years ago, when I held some of the highest security clearances that the country offers, multiple times the polygraph tests screened out homosexuality entirely, for the simple reason that the (homosexual) individual was known to be psychologically unstable and likely a target for blackmail.

With Pfc. Manning we have seen that come to fruition.

President Obama has opened the door even wider to more profound problems with homosexuals now having a clear playing field in the military – and we can expect more Pfc. Mannings to appear in the future.

Why military and civilian leaders allow unstable individuals(and Manning has a significant record in that regard) continued access to top secret facilities and information is an indication of just how far the moral compass of the US government and the White House has gone wrong in recent years.

When the president recinds “don’t ask, don’t tell”, supports gay marriage and refuses to have the government defend traditional marriage we are truly on a slippery slope to disaster in this country.


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