Posted by: conservativecritic | December 28, 2011

Tainted Baby Formula – the Chinese Connection(with Mead Johnson)

Two years ago, a massive number of infants became ill on baby formula made by some 22 companies in China…some went bankrupt – others continue to manufacture such products and in some cases partner with US based Mead Johnson.

Mead Johnson baby formula products have sickened several youngsters with one dying as a result.  Hundreds of stores have stripped their shelves of the product, fearing lawsuits for more tainted products.

In China in 2006, Mead Johnson recalled a batch of its powdered milk products from Chinese shelves after it was found to contain metal particles.

Mead Johnson Gentleease powdered milk products pulled from Chinese shelves after metal particles were found in the mixture...

Mead Johnson has partnered with Chinese companies in the production of powdered milk products – and one wonders if there is a connection between the problems experienced in China and similar conditions now beginning to show up in the USA.

If metal products can show up in formula, then one wonders how easy it is for exotic bacteria to become a part of the formula…and affect youngsters and newborns.

What do you think?


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