Posted by: conservativecritic | December 29, 2011

Christopher Hitchens: “The Fool Says In His Heart There Is No God” – Psalms 14:1

Christopher Htchens, the British-born author, journalist, political commentator. and avowed athiest, passed on into eternity this past week.

Hitchens finally went to his intermediate, subterranean destination(Hades) by his own personal, avowed and determined choice on December 15.

Why did the secular media love Christopher Hitchens and his book, “God is not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything.”?   Simple answer – the secular media has a love affair with anyone who will boldly state there is no God and lambaste people of faith.

There is an insatiable appetite in the marketplace to eliminate God, dismiss the Bible as Truth, and thoroughly reject faith in Jesus.

Visions of Tim Tebow treatment by the media coming to mind?

Of course the first logical question is why?  The answer is no more complicated than the fact that the masses who, like Christopher Hitchens who made the choice to live in open rebellion to God and do not want to be held accountable for their choices.

Since they cannot see a person called God despite the overwhelming evidence of His existence and presence, they have gone through the tortured mental exercise of simply denying there even is a God.  In their drive to live without being held accountable for their actions and choices, they have taken the position that there simply is no God.

“The Fool Says In His Heart There Is No God” –  Psalms 14:1

Once a person makes that foolish choice, as Hitchens did,  you can easily see how rejecting the Bible, rejecting Jesus Christ, embracing a theory like evolution, and supporting others who are involved in every type of sin imaginable follows.

Obviously if you deny there even is a God, as Hitchens did, it makes it easy to dismiss the book God wrote, the Bible, as simply a book “written by men” or a million other idiotic responses you will get from people who have rejected the Absolute Truth of God’s Word.

The number one reason people choose to reject the Bible is because it is the very Truth that judges them and makes them accountable – something that today’s society finds inconvenient.

Once again, those who choose to live in rebellion to God and His Truth do not want to be held accountable for their actions.

How does a ridiculous “theory” like evolution become accepted by the mainstream culture as the explanation for man’s existence?  Men can say they never have seen God, therefore there is no God.

However, they are still left with the little problem of explaining how we came to be.  So they have turned to this laughable notion that we evolved from a drop of pond scum, to a monkey, and voila, here we are!  LOL!  Of course they can never tell you where that drop of pond scum, or where that first cell came from, or the “big bang” that some claim started it all.

In the end, those like  Hitchens who embrace this “theory” are left flopping around like a fish out of water.

Sadly, when people choose to reject God they end up aligning themselves with others who have also rejected God.  Again, this is how you end up with a society that supports the slaughtering of innocent babies.  This is how you end up with a society legitimizing and accepting the unnatural and unhealthy sexual perversion of homosexuality.


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