Posted by: conservativecritic | January 25, 2012

State of the Union – Barack Obama – America’s Last Black President

While the title of this blog is catchy, it is a slam dunk that America will not accept another unvetted, black presidential contender who has a Marxist and socialistic goal for this country.  Coming from a questionable upbringing(with the birth certificate issue still in limbo) and raised in a anti-semitic, segregationist church where the sermons would turn the late Martin Luther King Jr’s stomach, Obama will likely be the last black president.

Obama simply does not understand either the job or the fact he is fracturing an already fragile societal problem between rich and poor, black and white and young and old…this business of class warfare is clearly one of his personal making and will unfortunately be with us for some time as a result of his personal attacks on various parts of American society.

His latest rant in the State of the Union  message against the rich, big business, our natural resources and anyone who disagrees with his vision of the world and the nation, proved that without a doubt he is incapable of providing solid solutions to our growing economic problems.

He has done more damage to the black community as well as black and white relations by way of his narcissistic, class warfare dialogue and may have turned civil rights progress back easily a full generation.

His anti-semitic position is a direct derivative of his former pastor, Reverend Wright, who went so far as to sponsor Hamas programming as part of the church’s outreach while Obama sat in the pews.

"...I got all of my anti-semitic background from Reverend Wright"

It is impossible to separate his current “replacement theology” from that of his former Pastor – inasmuch as he provides lip service to Israel but favors the Islamic terrorist organizations who, at every turn, seek the destruction of Israel.

How Obama can say things are getting better while he mires us further in debt with a truckload of new government programs(from his State of the Union speech) is  unfathomable….we need a change and that change cannot come soon enough…as we and our children will be paying for Obama’s mistakes and stupidity for the next generation.


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