Posted by: conservativecritic | February 1, 2012

The Nobel Prize – a re-evaluation of recipients

The Norwegian Nobel Prize Committee is undertaking an effort to determine if the original intent of Alfred Nobel’s prize for lifetime achievement in the arts, sciences and international peace is being lost in a politically correct world.

Most of interest are awards for “peace” to Yassar Arafat, killer of thousands; Al Gore for what now appears to be fraudulent science in “global warming” and others such as Barack Obama for an anticipated, “extraordinary effort to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples”.  Note the word “anticipated…since he was barely in office when this occurred.

While many deserving individuals, including a former family doctor of mine, Dr. Rudy Waiten, Nobel Peace Prize for 1985 provided a lifelong service to both community and the world in these important areas, it now appears that political correctness has taken over the process and better minds are now believing that Nobel’s original intent has been lost.

Alfred Nobel invented dynamite and other destructive materials which were used to kill hundreds of thousands during his own lifetime – and in some way must have had an epiphany and decided that he needed to make amends for his lifetime of work on materials and processes which killed people and destroyed entire cities.

Hence came the Nobel Peace Prize…

What is sticking in the craw of the  public at large and the Nobel Prize Committee in particular are the Arafat, Gore and Obama prizes – each now highly questionable in their own right.



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