Posted by: conservativecritic | February 9, 2012


The next time you pass a Starbucks – keep going; the next time you need some running shoes, buy something other than  Nike; and next time you consider buying some software for your PC, think about alternatives to Microsoft’s Office.

Why this rejection?  These three companies, who all employ hundreds if not thousands of homosexuals, have no choice but to back the Washington State’s legislation to allow gay marriage.

The small, moral voice is being slowly squelched – and we sort of know what will happen next.

First, Washington State’s radical, female governor will sign the gay marriage bill; secondly, the Christian element in that state will put it up for a referendum in the fall; thirdly, when(and if) it passes, activist judges(just as in California) will throw out the people’s will – just like a homosexual judge in California did.

The fast track to approval of these anti-Christian measures starts with a prominent homosexual legislator drafting a bill and pushing it through a liberal(usually Democratic) legislature and on to a liberal Governor’s desk.  Liberal judges will throw out any popular vote against such a measure…and so goes the cycle.

Homosexual influence in  government is very strong considering the limited 1-2 percent of the population which is known to have such deviant behavior.  Even Barack Obama has been  linked to gay bathhouses in Chicago when he was a state senator there.

One does not have to be a law expert or rocket scientist to then figure out why Obama has been so lenient in the military with homosexuality and has stated that foreign aid will be restricted from countries who do not place homosexuality in a favorable light in the foreign country.

There will certainly be a lot to answer for at the Great White Throne Judgement when Christ calls each of these lawmakers and judges and leaders forward and exposes their  sinful and abominable activities before sending them off to an eternal  lake of fire.

Remember – Microsoft, Nike and Starbucks – never again….


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