Posted by: conservativecritic | March 18, 2012


Note:  Blog reader comments that “this Executive Order from the White House is simply “drivel”” illustrates the dumbed down mentality of much of the USA population – even the President’s Press Secretary admitted today that the Order was true – but tried to down play some of the concerns that have been created by  Obama executing the order.  If the executive order was “drivel”, then those who are so infatuated with Obama the Messiah and who don’t believe these reports should direct their anger toward the “drivel” coming from the White House rather than the press and blogs who provide precise information regarding what  information is now public knowledge.


Read the following executive order, issued at the end of the East Coast Business day, Friday, March 16, very conveniently timed so that the national press would not pick it up on in the media until Monday…if then.

If actions like this are allowed are going on now…and are allowed to proceed, it is likely that other executive orders can be made to waive national elections or worse(heard of Martial Law?)

Read this and pass this on to your friends who love America and who want to be informed about how our country is being rapidly moved toward a dictatorship and socialism – all for the benefit of one narcissistic individual – Barack Obama.

He has figured out that Israel will act on its own against Iran and without warning…You saw his talk  with Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington last week…Obama wants this all to wait until after the elections this fall…but just in case things get out of hand before then, he has to put the US under martial law before then because of an Israeli strike against Iran…well, here it is….all spelled out in plain english.


Executive order today 3-16-2012, Takes control of ALL US production

assets…ALL food and food production…ALL transportation and ALL

persons needed for labor. This is for WAR!

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release

March 16, 2012

Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness


This part takes control of all of the farms in the US!

AND all of the equipment on those farms AND all grocery stores in

the whole country!

“(c) “Farm equipment” means equipment, machinery, and repair

parts manufactured for use on farms in connection with the production

or preparation for market use of food resources.

(d) “Fertilizer” means any product or combination of products

that contain one or more of the elements nitrogen, phosphorus, and

potassium for use as a plant nutrient.

(e) “Food resources” means all commodities and products, (simple,

mixed, or compound), or complements to such commodities or products,

that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals,

irrespective of other uses to which such commodities or products may

be put, at all stages of processing from the raw commodity to the

products thereof in vendible form for human or animal consumption.

“Food resources” also means potable water packaged in commercially

marketable containers, all starches, sugars, vegetable and animal or

marine fats and oils, seed, cotton, hemp, and flax fiber, but does not

mean any such material after it loses its identity as an agricultural

commodity or agricultural product.

(f) “Food resource facilities” means plants, machinery, vehicles

(including on farm), and other facilities required for the production,

processing, distribution, and storage (including cold storage) of food

resources, and for the domestic distribution of farm equipment and

fertilizer (excluding transportation thereof).



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