Posted by: conservativecritic | March 24, 2012


ADDENDUM:  If Tim Tebow has an ear, let him hear that his time will be better spent in his Foundation or in Missions work…They simply don’t want him in New York – he gave it a good effort as a team player but when you are allowed only to run a play here or there…it’s time to leave and let the Jets figure out their problems on their own.

Unless you have been residing on another planet for the last few months, you already know that Tim Tebow graciously left the Denver Broncos and is now part of the New York Jets football team.

One wonders if John Elway, the Broncos Vice President of Football Operations was simply uncomfortable having a Christian quarterback(good or bad) on his staff and rather than having Tebow act as an understudy and backup quarterback for Peyton Manning, decided to wash his hands of that uncomfortable situation.

In any event, Tim Tebow is now in the Big Apple and will be the center of media attention whether he plays second fiddle to Mark Sanchez(who is not doing particularly well at his quarterback position – and seems to blame everyone else but himself for his poor performance) or gets to start a game or two to demonstrate his developing skills.

The liberal, hedonistic and left-wing media in New York will have a field day with Tebow – peeking in his windows at night and hanging on every word or action to find fault that will produce headlines.  In fact, the New York Post ran the following hiring advertisement:

NY Post is looking to hire headline writers for Tim Tebow’s Jets career.  Must be proficient in puns and word play.  Must be happy crossing lines of taste, including those concerning race, religion and sex.  Lack of  journalistic ethics mandatory.  Lack of human empathy preferred.  Send examples of your work in pun form to “NY Post address here”.

Well, that was the the first week, even before the New York Jets introduced him to the public…so, you can see where the Big Apple press is heading…And, that doesn’t even include the New York Times who have yet to place their ads for similar, liberal writing positions.

Tebow is not only a Christian in word but in action, he has an art of “…putting coals on the heads of his enemies”…and of course this will simply infuriate the liberal, secular press in New York…They will be looking to get a rise out of Tebow…but may have some surprises coming.

Perhaps the biggest surprise will be the changes we will see in the  usually foul-mouthed  Rex Ryan – he’s a smart guy and having not had anyone around him like Tebow, he  might have a change of heart about what type of language he uses when addressing his players.   Perhaps’s Tebow’s work ethic will show him that it is not necessary to demonstrate one’s lack of leadership and lack of control of the English language to create results…

This is an excellent opportunity, and challenge for Tim Tebow – Denver was the cat’s meow – New York will be the lion’s den…and we shall see if Daniel is still standing in the morning when Nebuchadnezzar wakes in the morning and runs down to the  lion’s den to see if Daniel is still alive.

I will bet Daniel(read Tebow) will still be standing and Neuchadnezzar(read Rex Ryan) might just throw the accusers of Daniel(Tebow) into the den instead…it will be interesting and encouraging to watch the impact of a Christian professional ball player on an adversarial media and perhaps coach and some players….

What do you think?


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