Posted by: conservativecritic | March 31, 2012


This is probably the biggest breach of international secrecy that has occurred in peacetime.  What is it?  According to John Bolton – as he described on FOX TV, someone in the Obama White House has leaked to the press the fact that the Israeli government, in possible preparation for a strike in the coming months on Iran,  would use Baku in Eastern Azerbaijhan as a refueling and staging area.

If true, this has to infuriate the Israeli military and government…a pre-emptive strike option, perhaps the only one which logistically would work, disclosed by someone in the Obama White House.

Why?  Actually, its quite simple…Obama can’t convince the head of the Israeli government to set aside a pre-emptive strike, so Obama can gain election points by “negotiating further” with Iran by forcing various economic measures to occur.

Obama is actually between a rock and a hard place on this issue:  he cannot be seen as allowing the Israeli government the leeway to protect their sovereign nation against a possible nuclear attack from Iran; and Obama, as noted above, has few options on the diplomatic  side other than some partial bans on a few Iranian bank electronic transfers(SWIFT) and embargoes of oil shipments to a few countries.

He clearly is not of a mind to assist Israel or lead such a strike – at least not before the election in November.

So, this travesty is all about Obama once again – the planets of the universe revolve around him and him alone and he has to give the illusion that he has all of the solutions…and he will not allow others to gain the upper hand(not even Israel with its secretive move to use Baku as noted above).

If it is determined that  Obama gave the green light to “out” this Azerbaijhan military option, then he should be in jail –  or the Mossad and Israel should demand his removal from office as a minimum.

If the Israeli government and military did indeed cut a deal with Azerbaijhan(a Muslim country) to use Baku as a refueling and/or staging area for strike aircraft, a lot of bad blood is on its way to the White House on this issue.

So, not only has the closet rug sniffer Obama refused to visit Israel, our best friend in the Middle East, while visiting virtually every Muslim country in the area, but also to treat Israeli dignitaries like  dirt when they visit Washington…but now, disclose classified military information that Israel may have taken months if not years of tedious and secretive diplomacy to establish…well, you can see where this is going.

For those readers who have a military background, you can sense my personal disgust of this betrayal…does Obama deserve sitting in the White House for six more months….much less 4 more years?

What do you think?


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