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In truth, there is only one solar power system in the world that is producing something of value…and that is located outside of Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  It is a large array of “tracking” mirrors which focusses the sun’s energy on a “collector” at the top of a 15 story research building.

Physics Sun Solar Collection System

The temperature from this composite set of solar reflections reaches 3000 degrees Centigrade(that’s pretty hot!) and is used to fuse a variety of salts and heavy metals into new and different semi-conductor powders that, when heated, radiate energy in very narrow segments of the far infrared frequency band(that’s below the visible segment and above the microwave segment).

3000 degrees Centigrade…

Besides this elaborate facility, built by Russia before the disbursement of the various domestic areas into the Confederation of Independent States(CIS) was used for a variety of agricultural, military and commercial endeavors, not much can be said about the contribution of conventional solar panels(…except for satellite power systems) to our society.

Back to reality.

The end of US Government subsidies to emerging  solar based power systems spells the end to any reasonable profitability or even construction which would attract  private investors in any quantity.

Unless you have been living under a rock, the Solyndra debacle put forward by  Dr. Chu and President Obama as a “shining light” in renewable energy, went bankrupt taking $535 million in your  tax dollars with it…no recovery of saleable materials there.

While solar proponents claim that there are 100,000 people gainfully employed in the solar industry, we need to remember that 95 percent of these are construction jobs where in a year or so all of these individuals will be back in the unemployment line…and paying through the nose for power delivered to their community by the wonderful solar power system they built outside of their city.

Comparison of energy costs

What President Obama does not discuss – and hopes that others don’t discuss as well, is the fact that the increased energy costs are going to hit the middle and lower income classes like a sledge hammer – tripling or quadrupling their monthly electric bills…and you thought gasoline prices were taking a big bite out of your family’s monthly budget.

No, Obama doesn’t really want to talk about that problem; and we find the same type of “omission” in any public meetings or discussions that are meant to evaluate the merits of solar energy.  Rather than the whopper of a cost increase due to the infusion of solar power into the power grid, they would rather talk in these meetings about the impact of the solar array on the nesting areas of the desert rat or other rodent.  That’s the intellectual strength of the environmentalists who scream and holler at the use of coal, natural gas and oil(see the above energy cost chart) and want to turn our industrial capabilities back to the middle ages.

In industry and government circles, little optimism is voiced for solar power.  After the Solyndra debacle a few months ago, California Republican Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee said

“…it is reasonable to predict that we could have the collapse of the entire solar panel manufacturing business in America”.

The roller-coaster ride the solar industry is on may soon come to a screeching halt if China continues to undercut the international solar market.  US solar companies complain that the Chinese government has spent billions of dollars underwriting the solar industry there….Well, that’s true – but so is the fact that the Obama administration has spent nearly the same amount attempting to force fit the renewable energy manufacturing business into the American economy…

China is building windmills at costs that the US industry could not even think of matching.  Additionally, regardless of how much less carbon pollution that the US economy produces, the Chinese are building a couple coal fired energy plants every day…and laughing all the way to the bank as the White House continues on its destructive path to remove coal, one of our immense energy resources, as an inexpensive source of power for homes and industry.

The Chinese are getting a big laugh out of other energy decisions that Obama has made.  They are negotiating with Canada to purchase as much oil from the Northern reaches of Canada as they can…while Obama and his minions at the Interior, Energy and EPA departments try desperately to stop the transport of high quality oil from Canada…

In summary – alternative energy may have a place in the nation’s future a couple generations from now…if the current Obama administration doesn’t destroy the economy with its other foolish activities.  Alternative energy from ethanol/corn and algae just don’t make sense in today’s recovery process from a dramatic recession.  Putting additional burdens on industry while this recovery is attempting to take place is more foolishness and perhaps even an insidious way of slowly destroying American enterprise and putting us on the same slippery slope that European nations are finding themselves with various types of socialism.


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