Posted by: conservativecritic | April 4, 2012

“Presidential Activism”…One small step away from an Obama dictatorship!!

President Obama has already threatened Congress that “…if they don’t act…he will”.  (another “verbal tic”?) And he has, by using Executive Orders to bypass Congress on a wide variety of domestic and international issues where Congress clearly has the lead.

Now he “warns” the judicial system(still another “verbal tic”?) , in particular the Supreme Court, that if they find Obama care unconstitutional, they would be creating a major problem of social consequence.  It’s not the job of the judicial system to determine the impact of legislation on  social issues – but instead to determine if a specific piece of existing or proposed legislation is constitutional or not.

One wonders where Obama studied(or taught) Constitutional law(if in fact he did any of that) and whether or not he was in class when the division of power of the three arms of the US government was discussed.

Obama has handed a blank check on a silver platter to the Supreme Court to abolish Obamacare in its entirety – if for no other reason to suspect that if this type intimidation and railroaded legislation is allowed to become law, who knows where Obama will go next!!

If Mitt Romney expects to win in November, he needs to get on this issue very quickly – to emphasize to the American public that we now have a President who thinks he has control of not only the US Congress but the US Judicial system.  What’s next on Obama’s agenda?  Martial law?  Confiscation of guns and gold?  You can think of other disasters I am sure.

Postscript – it is  amazing that all of the mainstream press, including USA Today and most major newspapers refused to carry this story, in obvious deference to their support for Obama…

How far will some go to deface America's flag?

What do you think?


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