Posted by: conservativecritic | April 8, 2012

Welcome to our International Viewers…

Statistics for the viewers of this blog encompass the world…from the EU to the jungles of Africa to the smallest islands in the Caribbean…thanks for tuning in to what we believe are the driving issues in the  United States today.

The American “mainstream” press is notoriously liberal and highly protective of what we would call “politically correct” positions on major, and even minor issues.  Some of you who visit our site might also be interested in a newsgroup  called NEWSMAX, a collection of conservative opinions and commentary by some of the best known and respected conservative writers of our time.

As an example of how protective the printed and visual(TV) mainstream media are toward the liberal viewpoint, I point out that the recent judicial backlash against President Obama’s critical commentary on the “function of the US Supreme Court” with respect to a pending decision on his health care  bill(“Obamacare”) received not a single notation in virtually all of America’s largest newspapers…primarily because Obama’s position was in direct contradiction to what the US Constitution provides for in the “separation of powers” between the Legislative(Congress), Executive(President) and Judicial(Supreme Court) branches of our governement.

Liberal and conservative icons throughout the country were shocked that a so-called “Constitutional Lawyer –  Obama” would be so far afield of what is taken as an integral part of our democratic process…yet the mainstream media was absent without leave for lack of other descriptor.

Unless you read or view media other than MSNBC, CNN or the major networks(ABC, CBS, etc.) you in foreign countries would get the opinion that nothing is afoot to destroy the democratic process that has made the USA the leader in the world in freedom, legal process and religious practices.

Things are going downhill very quickly here under the Obama administration in all of these areas, including the recent National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA) which allows arrest and detention(imprisonment) of American citizens for no reason and with no evidence presented and without access to legal council.  This is only a short step from totalitarianism which many of you who read this blog from Eastern Europe and other locations can readily identify with.

Created under the auspices of identifying and halting terrorist activities against the USA, the NDAA, in the view of Constitutional lawyers and many lawmakers, takes a dangerous step down the slippery slope that fostered Marxist and Stalinist governments a generation ago.

If this type of news is not being portrayed on your television and in your country’s newsprint, again I suggest you Google “newsmax” and sign up to see what is really happening here in the West.

Our blogs cover a wide range of subjects in the areas of basic freedoms and we solicit your responses which, if written in a clear and concise manner, without ad hominem attacks, we will gladly print as commentary on the blog.

Again, thanks for looking in on us from St. Kitts to Romania, from East Africa to Iceland…your readership is valued and encourages us to continue to provide a clear, conservative critique of today’s events which shape our world.


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