Posted by: conservativecritic | April 20, 2012

Obama playing Rodney Dangerfield – “…I can’t get no respect”…

Barack Obama’s narcissistic attitude would make a perfect sequel to Dangerfield’s classic quote regarding ‘getting no respect’.  Except that in Obama’s case, it is a reality show where Dangerfield’s was a comedy show.

"....can't get no respect!"

With all of the various government, political  and military scandals crashing down on Obama every day now, it is clear that in each of these cases that the perpetrators of these various scandals hold little or no respect for the country’s leader.

In a way, it would be far better if the nation’s chief executive stepped forward and accepted responsibility for these scandals and inappropriate behavior, since in fact he as the USA’s CEO, is ultimately responsible for these issues – and gets heads to roll…instead of putting the blame on others.

Leadership and respect always are a top-down function in any enterprise, whether it is military, governmental or industrial.  Without the clear, unequivocating leadership in each of these arenas, those in supporting roles usually lack respect for that leadership and will easily and quickly find ways to run amok.

History has shown that countries and peoples tend to follow leadership – good or bad.  We can illustrate bad by Hitler or Asian country leaders who led millions to their death and demise simply by setting a bad example of poor leadership.

Once the military, industry and the government bureaucracy can look up to our country’s leader and find a clearly focussed individual, accepting responsibilities for both good and bad happenings here in the US government, we will begin having fewer of our country’s security personnel consorting with Columbian prostitutes,  military problems in the field with compromising pictures or situations, Las Vegas trips by government employees spending stimulus funds for personal entertainment…well, the list could go on to the end of this page.

So, if Obama says he gets no respect – he needs to spend a bit more time in the mirror, not looking at his outer self – but his inner motives, morals and decision making before he continues to blame others for his current problems.

Obama the narcissist...

We need new and more respected leadership – individuals who the country can look up to to lead us through  some tough times, rather than placing the blame for current problems on others, including former Presidents and flacks who have clearly have learned not to respect leadership(with good reason) and who are stirring the country’s anger.

what do you think?


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