Posted by: conservativecritic | May 7, 2012

Welcome to our readers in India…

The fastest growing group of our blog readers in Asia is from India – we appreciate your viewing and we are interested in feedback from your part of the Asian subcontinent.

Some time ago we covered the tragic deaths of hundreds of Indian farmers who found out that the GMO crops that they were growing could not produce seeds for the next year – and after a massive crop failure, in part due to the flawed and biologically infected nature of the original GMO seeds, took poison(crop chemicals) and committed suicide.

What a tragic story of a major international company(Monsanto) forcing generations of Indian farmers into buying new seeds every year – when the practice for centuries has been to save some seed from last year’s crops to seed in the subsequent year.

Misled by claims of “greater production”, “more nutrition”, “resistance to pests” and other lies, Indian farmers  took the multinational company’s word…and now are no longer with us…

Read our GMO blog at and find out how this insidious project, designed to make billions of dollars for companies like Monsanto, is leading the world down a path to potential starvation…

Your comments from India are always welcome….


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