Posted by: conservativecritic | May 10, 2012


Actually, you could see it coming – the gradual, creeping movement of Barack Obama toward the homosexual lobby….with the government’s refusal to defend traditional marriage and the green light for homosexual activity in the US military.

An Obamination now out in the open…

The world’s response is naturally mixed – socialistic countries imbedded with strong homosexual movements see him as a “messiah” who is finally fulfilling some of his campaign promises to them;  the remainder of the world, predominantly Christian or Muslim, both of which abhor the abomination of homosexuality, wonder what domino will fall next in the marginalization of family values by Obama.

As noted above, Obama’s response to the homosexual agenda has been similar to that of the frog and the pot of water;  hot water and the frog wants no part of it but heat it slowly and the frog(read public) gradually will fry to death.  He has gradually changed his mind(read public stance) on the issue so that a dramatic announcement such as that today would not whiplash his possible reelection possibility while waiting for focus group responses which have told him that such a position would not be as bad as two years ago.

One of the things most disturbing is the response of an evangelical pastor, Rev. Joel Hunter, who  Obama calls one of his “spiritual advisors”.  Hunter’s response was that he was “disappointed” but still will support Obama.

Either Rev. Hunter has abandoned the Bible in his ministry or perhaps he, like others, is suspected of some surrealistic, personal relationship with Obama.  If you know Reverend Hunter I suggest you call or  contact him and ask him why he has torn various scriptures out of his bible – and now supports a dual abomination – homosexuality and now marriage between individuals of the same sex.

What’s next – beastiality,  plural marriages…well, they both exist in American society and it is probably only a matter of time before the “animal rights” groups gang up on Obama to come out and support sex with animals….Actually, he has already done that with the directive that the military will not discriminate against openly homosexual activity and that directive contains clauses which include sex with animals…

So, we are already at the next step – Obama supporting sex with animals(as we stated in an earlier blog – together with Ron Paul).

The real irony of Obama’s statement is not so much that he supports homosexual marriage which we have sort of suspected all along, but that he would now add another divisive issue to his presidency – traditional families versus homosexual marriage.

Apparently Obama learned very little regarding biblical admonitions regarding homosexuality and its practice from his pastor Wright in Chicago – but then again, the world at large already suspects that Obama was involved in homosexual activities in Chicago with sports associates, gay bath houses and even the new mayor of Chicago(but you knew that already, correct?) – activities which his wife knew about and has spent much political capital tamping down in the last year or so.



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