Posted by: conservativecritic | May 23, 2012


Some time ago, US forces bombed an area where Pakistani troops were lodged – many were killed – Pakistan rightfully blocked transit areas for supplies to Afghanistan and again, has rightfully kept them closed since President Obama does not have the gonads to simply apologize for these accidental bombings.

Note to Pakistan residents – this is typical of Obama’s approach to life – blame others but never, never take responsibility for what might be a political liability.

Now, Obama is in a tough spot – barely hanging on to his Presidency – challenged by Governor Romney who has both empathy and good business sense.  Obama has screwed up virtually every relationship the US has been working on in the Middle East, Asia, Afghanistan and Central America….he is clueless in politics – Hillary Clinton knows more about these things and  has done much to mend the fences that Obama has destroyed.

So, to Pakistan – get rid of your nuclear weapons – (whoops…we can’t do that…Pakistan is the incubator of nuclear weapons for the Islamic world and the next world war…

Obama is a Muslim – he will not apologize – even to a  Muslim country – it is not his way – he has no experience in such things, as an angry black liberal he toes the mark for anarchists here in the USA and around the world…don’t expect any miracles from him and if you do get promises – be a skeptic…he has screwed the USA population dozens of times since his election…


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