Posted by: conservativecritic | June 15, 2012

How will Obama and the EPA’s new regulations on coal plants affect the lower and middle class energy prices?…

How will the EPA’s New Utility Rules Affect America?

The U.S. Senate will soon hold what is likely to be the most important energy vote this year: an up-or-down vote on Senator Inhofe’s resolution (S.J.Res. 37) to overturn the EPA’s onerous Utility MACT rule. This may be Congress’ last chance to stand up to the EPA and stop this rule, the most expensive power regulation in American history.

Finalized by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in February, Utility MACT has the stated goal of reducing mercury emissions at U.S. power plants. However, the real aim is to fulfill the President’s promise that under his administration,

“if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can – it’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

It’s a senseless approach that will force power plants to close across the country, cause electricity prices to spike by an average of 12% nationwide, and cost the economy well over a million jobs.

You want stupid – this is a classic example – while Australia and Canada send coal, oil and gas to China where two new coal fired energy plants are built DAILY – we have a president who has a personal agenda versus managing our country’s resources to our best advantage….it’s time(indeed) for a change…


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