Posted by: conservativecritic | June 15, 2012


President Obama continues to blame President Bush for all of the maladies affecting Obama’s Presidency many years after Bush has left the White House – a clear sign of weakness and of course narcissism which prevents an individual from accepting responsibility for his or her own actions.

The unemployment data is another one of those issues that Obama refuses to address in an honest manner.  Publicly, the Labor Department displays an 8-9 percent “unemployment” rate – based on the number of individuals ACTIVELY seeking jobs and applying for unemployment insurance.

What the Labor Department and Obama refuse to discuss publicly is the real unemployment problem – that of “Labor Force Participation Rate”.

Question: What is the Labor Force Participation Rate?

Answer: The labor force participation rate is the percentage of working-age persons in an economy who:

Are employed

Are unemployed but looking for a job

Typically “working-age persons” is defined as people between the ages of 16-64. People in those age groups who are not counted as participating in the labor force are typically students, homemakers, and persons under the age of 64 who are retired. In the United States the labor force participation rate is usually around 67-68%, as it was during the Clinton and Bush #43 years as shown below.

A more detailed look at this statistic during the time that Obama presided over the economy is shown below.
To  state publicly that the “private sector is doing OK” and at the same time hide these type of data from the public – is probably akin to lying on the witness stand – or like Clinton’s “…I didn’t have sex with that woman”.
In any event, things have gone downhill in the employment world under Obama – and basically the data shown above illustrates that many people have simply given up on finding a job and don’t register for unemployment or if they are nearing retirement age, opt for Social Security at an early age.
This is not leadership when the President of the United States does not level with the public – but claims that things are getting better and that all of his problems stem from George W. Bush many years ago.   We need new leadership.

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