Posted by: conservativecritic | June 17, 2012


In a brash move to tip the Spanish/Mexican-American vote his way in November, Obama once again trashed the Constitution and bypassed Congress.  800,000 undocumented young people are now about to stand in line for unemployment, medical and other benefits in states that are already bankrupt.

A clinical narcissist such as Obama looks out only for himself and not the general public – Congress already passed on any mass amnesty process for illegal aliens(The Dream Act) – so Obama says he will take on Congress’ responsibilities, just like he lectured the Supreme Court on Obama Care…

we have a dictatorship underway in Washington and it is time to impeach Obama in order to retain some sort of sanity across the USA…

Actually, I believe Obama will conjure up some sort of national emergency near election time if he sees he is losing(as the polls now seem to indicate)…martial law can delay elections and worse – plan for the worse and pray that enough sane people vote Obama out this November…


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