Posted by: conservativecritic | June 27, 2012

The US military now celebrating “gay pride”…a sign of final degradation to our country and its leadership…

The threat to America’s military chaplains just became frighteningly real.

The Obama administration just kicked off Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month for the Pentagon — that’s right, a whole month — dedicated to honoring homosexuals and transgenders in America’s military while forcing millions of Christians and other faiths to stay silent… or be immediately discharged.

We as Americans can fix this if Congress stays true to the amendments in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that protects the rights of conscience and religious liberties of our men and women in uniform — including America’s military chaplains.

The threat against them is very real.

Experts are already chiming in that Obama’s radical move is threatening military readiness in incalculable ways.  Military chaplains are already being told to stay quiet… or face the consequences.

Why isn’t the media talking about this?

The answer to that is simple.  The liberal media knows that Americans will be outraged once they find out that our armed services are being used as a massive social experiment.

Even worse than that is the fact America’s military chaplains are being muzzled and prevented from offering spiritual counsel to the millions of Christians serving in the military who are understandably outraged by this heavy-handed Obama directive…

…and at what price?  Obama is taking this unprecedented risk with America’s military readiness for one reason only — to rake in the millions Obama’s campaign will desperately need to shore up his failing adminstration.

Our military chaplains?  Religious liberties?  These apparently are acceptable losses to Barack Obama.

The threat to religious liberty is very real.  Our military chaplains need to know they aren’t alone.

Just 12 months ago, this sort of massive social experimentation with America’s military was a crime.  Today, it’s being celebrated at the Pentagon by the homosexuals and transgender lobby as a victory over Christians and the chaplains who serve America’s military.

Additionally, President Obama opened up the White House for a special Gay, Lesbian and Transgender gathering – where these abominable individuals disgraced themselves as well as the pictures of various prior Presidents.

Obama refused to host the National Day of Prayer at the White House – but instead invited vile, abominable people to the White House.  May God have mercy on our country for the abominations that are occurring in our government and by our leaders.

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