Posted by: conservativecritic | July 14, 2012

The Muslim Brotherhood – Obama’s Idea of “democracy” for Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Syria…(and others to be added later)…

How many times has Barack Obama congratulated the Muslim Brotherhood(both here in the USA and in Cairo) for their move toward “democracy”?  Too many to count.  How many times has Obama visited Israel during or before his Presidency?  Zero.  Do you really expect a closet Muslim to visit Tel-Aviv or go to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem?  Not on your life!

How many times has Obama denigrated Israel and their Prime Minister while was visiting in Washington?  Several times.

Why is Obama secretly sending tens of millions of dollars to the Sharia supportive Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?  Because he is a closet Muslim.

Since Obama does not respect(or understand) the democracy in the USA, how can you possibly expect him to understand or support Israel(our only democratic friend in the Middle East) or turn down the Muslim Brotherhood for funding in the search for “democracy” in Egypt.

How the public cannot grasp this twisted ideology of President Obama is one of the strange things that has happened since Obama stepped onto the US stage with the approval of the mainstream media – which also does not want to touch these toxic topics.

We are indeed heading for the danger zone for the USA(financially) and diplomatically – and that is what the Book of Revelation says will indeed happen as the world spins toward the end times and the return of Jesus Christ…

I read the back of  the book and I found out that Obama did not win in the end – Jesus Christ and born again Christians won – even though it was through some difficult times at the end of world history.

By the way – the Muslim Brotherhood didn’t win either – in Exekiel 38 and 39 it describes the destruction of the Muslim world(at least every 5 out of 6) where God destroys them on the mountains of Israel…read and be prepared for good news – even though it now seems that there is only strife, confusion, destructive leadership and stress on all sides.


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