Posted by: conservativecritic | July 16, 2012

Homosexuality, the Media and (unfortunately) Jewish Ownership and Promotion…

Viacom Inc, known for producing pornographic videos & violence-inducing gangsta rap on its MTV station, is owned by the Jewish billionaire, Sumner Redstone.

“Sumner” was actually born, “Murray Rothstein,” who resides in Newton MA.

Rothstein told Jewish investors in 2005 that its proposed Gay cable channel “LOGO” would cost only $30 million to launch, but by 2007 would be worth over $1 billion.*

The Jewish investors have not been disappointed. Yet at the same time, millions of Americans, mostly American youth, are being morally corrupted by LOGO’s Anti Christian programming.

LOGO Gay TV promotes anal sex between two males by using Biblical titles in its programming such as “Jacob & Joshua” and “Noah’s Arc.” The Jewish owned LOGO now has over 20 million viewers. 


Is “Murray” ashamed to have the public see that it is a Jew who is behind much of the pornography, homosexuality, and Anti Christian programming on TV?

Is “Murray” afraid of a backlash against the Jews for subverting Christian culture?

Well, the time has come my dear “Murray” boy, for you to be exposed!

And who controls the TV Media anyways? CBS is owned by Jews. Time-Warner is owned by Jews. ABC is owned by Jews.

And the list goes on and on. Lamentably public opinion is formed by Anti Christian Jews who control the Media in America.


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