Posted by: conservativecritic | July 17, 2012

Dr. Steven Chu – “…it’s time to fall on your sword…and come clean – on lots of things”

Dr. Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy in the Obama Administration, is the depository of an enormous amount of information which, if made public, would turn the global warming issue upside down.  This man is a brilliant physicist, but bathed in the glow of the national spotlight in the Obama Administration, appears to be absent any business sense, approving billions of dollars of dollars for losing “green” projects in the last several years.

It’s time for Chu to fall on his sword or to return the Nobel Prize which is granted to people of noteworthy integrity in all aspects of their life…It is too bad that the Senate hearings on Global Warming treated him with kid gloves….rather than forcing him to disclose the hidden information he has is in his mind and his office regarding this potential devastating economic issue.


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