Posted by: conservativecritic | August 21, 2012



I have a lot of books in my personal library – perhaps two thousand – covering a wide range of topics, from religion to politics to health and business.  I try to read a couple per week.

I began hearing about the book “Obama – The Amateur” about a month ago with accolades from a wide variety of well-known business and media personnel.  While at COSTCO the other evening I  picked up the book.

It is a page turner and easy to ready and virtually impossible to set down.

This book is not about questionable birth certificates, Obama’s drug use and homosexual liasons in Chicago; it’s not about his college years where records have been locked up from public view – it’s not about his association with known Marxists in South Chicago….

It’s about his business acumen and actions in dealing with the problems he has faced in the last 3 plus years.   It’s about the cocoon that he lives in in the White House…surrounded by staff which shield him from criticism and advise him on far left liberal policy…it’s an indictment of an individual who would clearly not be able to either obtain or hold a job of importance in the private sector as CEO or other management level in even a small or medium sized company…much less a Fortune 500 Company.

Ed Klein’s book is a must read for anyone really wanting to know just who this Obama is….and why he has not been able to steer the country out of the devastating economic  dive it is in….who has been the most divisive president in the history of the United States and who has completely flip flopped on all of his pre-inauguration promises.

And…why it is important that he be set out to  pasture to the rubber chicken speaking circuit rather than continue to destroy our country.

Finally, I was quite taken by Ed Klein’s use of Mark Twain’s comment in the Introductory section of the book:

Every man is a moon and has a (dark) side which he turns toward nobody; you have to slip around behind if you want to see it.   Mark Twain.

“Obama – The Amateur” takes you on a trip to the backside of Obama’s “moon”…you will never forget the ride…


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