Posted by: conservativecritic | September 22, 2012

Rational viewpoints and the ruling elite…(come again?)

In a true democracy, the free exchange of opinions is encouraged; citizens believe that if all viewpoints are available, rational people can find the truth. In a medieval, religiously closed society, the ruling elite believe the people cannot be so entrusted.

The operative words here are “viewpoints”, “rational” and “ruling elite”.

Social engineers have a strong hand in determining what is an acceptable viewpoint; so-called “hate crimes” are legislated by left-leaning social engineers who have advanced degrees in secular humanism.  More and more of what one  used to consider acceptable “viewpoints” is now verboten…

Not convinced?  Take a trip up to Canada and step into a Christian church’s pulpit and discuss homosexuality and its abominations.  The police(mounties I think is the proper designation) will be at the door in a flash and haul you off to the slammer within the hour.

Social engineers in other lands and religious persuasions are equally adept at limiting viewpoints, particularly if it is in disagreement with ancient or pre-ordained concepts of what is considered acceptable dialog.  Try Israel: see if you can take a New Testament and witness to a young person – again the morality police will be quickly at the door and you are off to share a jail cell with a Palestinian terrorist – and you will be lucky to survive the night.

Or, try to set up a Bible study in Saudi Arabia – where heads roll when such activity is discovered.

So – we see that “viewpoint”, even in a so-called “democratic” society such as Israel carries little currency.

Onward to “rational”.  The concept of rational discussion left us sometime in the 19th century – when such discussions led to a mummification of many fundamental religious beliefs – simply because  such “rational” discussion was really only a one way street.  Nitsche and others who led the charge against spirituality and fundamental bible beliefs had no intention of finding a middle ground with Christians in this “rational” discussion.

Finally, the ruling elite are all around us – in the halls of Congress, in the left leaning, Jewish-dominated media and in the Jewish temples and Islamic mosques…where you check your brain at the door and leave with marching orders from the ruling elite to accomplish mischief or worse on the following day.

It’s no longer a democracy, regardless of how you cut it – and rational discussion is decided by who can yell the loudest and carry the biggest stick; while the ruling elite sit back and laugh their way to the evening happy hour.


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