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Record Antarctica Ice Contradicts Presumed Global Warming Trend

As climatologists worry about the effects of global warming, Antarctica has quietly set a new record for the greatest sea ice extent ever measured at either pole, according to various sources.

“NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) seems disinterested in their own data, choosing instead to write stories about Penguins being threatened by declining Antarctic sea ice,” states the web site Real Science. “If current trends continue, the earth will be completely covered with ice much faster than the climate models predicted.”

“Anyone wonder why NOAA isn’t making a fuss about this?” adds the website Sunshine Hours.

The chart below shows the increase in average Antarctica ice mass – with gradual growth over the last 40 years…

Even in the short term(a couple of recent years), one can see the incremental growth of that polar ice cap area as shown below.

For an additional look at seasonal ice in the Antarctic, with an interactive chart, see  From this chart, it is clear to see the gradual increase during southern hemispheric winter months of  the ice south pole’s ice pack.

Steve Goreham, executive director of the Climate Science Coalition of America and author of the new book “The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism: Mankind and Climate Change Mania” argued that the finding appears to challenge the theory of climatism, or a belief that man-made greenhouse gases are destroying earth’s climate.

“It’s interesting that climate scientists are so alarmed by declining Arctic ice. The Arctic Icecap is only 1 to 2 percent of Earth’s ice, while the elephant, the Antarctic Icecap, contains about 90 percent of Earth’s ice,” he wrote on the website

“The climate models underestimated the decline in Arctic ice, but they are confounded by the growth in Antarctic ice,” he explained.

For many across the U.S., it was a cruel, cruel summer. Al Gore said listening to the news was like “taking a nature hike through the book of Revelation.” But how does he explain record sea ice in the Antarctic?

The summer of 2012 was a scorcher for many across the country. Naturally the global warming alarmists couldn’t contain themselves.

James Hansen, whose politicized ravings are primarily responsible for the climate change scare, wrote in August that the summer was “the kind of future that climate change would bring to us and our planet.”

Gore lamented the “dirty weather” created by “dirty energy” and declared on his web site that “a lot of people are saying out loud, ‘I’m too hot!'”

In case anyone wondered just how people felt.

Richard Muller, a physics professor at the University of California at Berkeley, fed the hysteria machine when he supposedly converted this summer from a skeptic to a believer, though there is reasonable doubt he was ever a true skeptic.

Lost in all the feverish I-told-you-sos was the fact that on one single day in the last week of June, 46 U.S. cities set or tied record lows.

No, they were not all in Alaska. Some were in the Deep South, where even mild summers can be blistering hot.

Now we find ourselves at the end of the broiling summer and what do we learn?

That, according to James Taylor writing in Forbes, “Antarctic sea ice set another record this past week, with the most amount of ice ever recorded on day 256 of the calendar year (Sept. 12 of this leap year).”

Taylor also reports that “Antarctic sea ice has been growing since satellites first began measuring the ice 33 years ago and the sea ice has been above the 33-year average throughout 2012.” He also informs readers that ice on the continent itself is growing, too.

Meanwhile, at the other pole, Arctic sea ice, which the media call a “critical climate indicator,” is at its lowest point in the last 11 years. But earlier in 2012, it was higher than in eight of the years since 2002.

Was it also a “critical climate indicator” then?

Is Antarctic sea ice a “critical climate indicator” now?

The real crisis is not the heating of the global climate but a fear campaign coming unglued. The alarmists’ bible has turned out to be full of false prophets.

So, the next time a rabid global warming nerd tells you that the oceans will rise a dozen feet soon, remind them that while the Arctic ice melts, the Antarctic ice pack  increases – and this cycle has been going on for thousands of years.

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  1. Growing Antarctic sea ice is the better indicator of climate change. Arctic sea ice uniquely affected by too many other factors.–climate-change-indicator.html

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