Posted by: conservativecritic | October 4, 2012

Presidential Debate #1: Articulate Business Executive vs. Experienced Tele-prompter Reader

The first Presidential debate of 2012 clearly laid out the differences between hands on experience in business and economics versus a sitting president experienced at reading prepared remarks via a tele-prompter.

Protected by his inner circle and the fawning press corps, Obama has never had to face questions regarding his proposed programs or past results.  Consequently, he had to restrain himself from showing he was “dissed” by such unfamiliar topics.  He will likely demand his own, private tele prompter for the next debate.

The choice is becoming quite clear – more of the tax and spend theory with a second Obama term versus a strong and experienced executive who can engage disparate positions and craft results which will turn this economy, military and international viewpoint of the United States around rapidly…and perhaps just in time to avoid a catastrophic financial and international crisis.


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