Posted by: conservativecritic | November 6, 2012

Legislating by Executive Order from the Oval Office…

Obama has used executive orders to circumvent the distribution of powers in both the Judicial and Legislative branches of our goverment, in direct contradiction to our US Constitution…but then again, he really doesn’t care about that discrepancy.

Should he win a second term, we can expect the same results unless Republicans capture the Senate and begin moving bills onto his desk that clearly show obstruction by Obama himself.  On the other hand, if the status quo is maintained in the Senate, Obama will simply continue to issue additional executive orders to implement his personal agenda, devoid of consideration of the Legislature and Senate…

Since his basic instinct is not to have to  work with and listen to people, as evidenced by his lack of attendance at the daily intelligence briefings:

“‘I can read the documents – and I am smarter than those people who would brief me”)

it is easy to see why during a lame duck presidency, this “duck” will simply take pen in hand and do things the way he has been doing for four years now…without bilateral agreements or discussions or considerations…


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