Posted by: conservativecritic | November 10, 2012

General Petraeus – cleverly outed by Obama to prevent the shocking truth from emerging regarding Bengazi killings…

There are a lot of theories about what has been underway with the CIA, Obama, Petraeus and Libya.  One which has some gravity is that Obama wanted to sneak weapons into Al Queda in Bengazi to eliminate Gadaffi – with that done, he brought the CIA and Petraeus into the picture to steal the weapons back so that they could be given to the Syrian opposition.  Somewhere along the line, things went bad and Al Queda decided to take revenge on the deal which had gone bad with Obama and Petraeus – and so they raided the ambassador’s compound…About this time Petraeus decided that he was not going to play ball with Obama on this deal any more, so Obama outed him and his affair…a tactic that is classic Obama Chicago style.

Petraeus is a military man, not a politician while Obama is a politician and not a military person – so they were not on the same page in either area…so here we are…Obama now will try to pin the wrap on Libya on the CIA and Petraeus – he will say that the info given to Rice at the UN came from Petraeus…and so it goes…

Among certain Army Officers, this is the talk. For several years, it was known by the WH that Petraeus had a mistress. It was not raised as a “big deal,” however, the issue was subtly held over his head. Petraeus had disagreements with the WH over the handling of Afghanistan, and he was told to get in line, or else.  The termination of General McChrystal was offered as an example of Petraeus’ fate. Petraeus continued to battle with Obama and the WH over the handling of Afghanistan. As a result, Obama ordered Eric Holder to sick the FBI on Petraeus to find dirt to blackmail him into submission and silence.  The CIA position was given to Petraeus to insure his cooperation and silence—so Obama thought.

Petraeus still refused to play ball with Obama. After Benghazi-Gate, Petraeus notified the WH that the CIA would be releasing facts re the incident and he would testify under oath to the same (all damaging to the Obama and the WH.) Petraeus was, again, threatened. This time, though, Petraeus was so pissed off that Obama had let CIA personnel and the Ambassador die, that he outed himself and resigned, rather than be blackmailed about the matter by Obama.  Thereafter, Obama ordered him to wait until after the election, but before the Congressional hearings to resign.  Obama, the WH, and the FBI have already concocted cover stories and allegations to counter Petraeus.

How many of our Generals and Admirals will be punished for standing up to Obama’s incompetence and corruption?

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