Posted by: conservativecritic | January 11, 2013

Tim Tebow does not need the NFL – they certainly don’t want him!

A year of continued criticism of Tim Tebow appears to be leading toward his exit from the New York Jets football team at the end of this season.

Not for lack of performance(75%  pass completion, better than fullback average yardage gains on running plays)…but for the ignorance of not only their foul mouth coach Ryan but also the anti-Christian New York elite press…which seems to delight in demeaning Tebow and his concerted efforts to be a team player and assist the team.

Coach Ryan doesn’t get it…Tebow was selected by USA Today as 2012’s most popular sports figure…ahead of the big name, big salary NBA basketball, baseball and hockey players. Two national championships, the Heismann trophy….and more.

It is a credit to Tebow’s Christian world view that he has continued to want to support the team in any way possible…but the pinhead coach  even chose a third string quarterback for last weekends game…and  who got sacked 11 times and tried to hide a concussion for several days…over Tebow.   And now pinhead Ryan will go back to Sanchez who he benched last week for poor performance….and still not let Tebow play more than one or two snaps per game.

Tim Tebow needs to get out of the NFL where his character and work ethic are clearly not appreciated.   Wait,  you say…aren’t all of those players who “…point to the sky after scoring a touchdown” Christian athletes as well?   I’m not sure…but many of them are only flash in the pan players as well…but they don’t get the bad press and neglect that Tebow continues to get on and off the field.

Tebow was featured in a half page sports story in the December 21 USA Today where the  headline read “…ARE THERE ANY TAKERS FOR TEBOW”…and which proceeded to step through all of the possible NFL teams who might need a different quarterback…but putting Tebow in a negative context in every single one of those cases.  A couple of examples might be illustrative of the negativity of the national press:  When the Oakland Raider’s were mentioned, the USA Today comment was

” Too bad they wouldn’t want him…think of all the sinners he could save, in the stands and at Raiders reunions”…

How about the Baltimore Ravens:

“…seems they already have a non-elite quarterback”…

or the  Dallas Cowboys:

“…if Jerry Jones gives Tebow a job, it will be as Des Bryant’s babysitter”.

That’s only a smattering of the negativity that the secular press loves to throw at anyone in any profession who has a true Christian witness…where they can’t find fault when peeking in his windows at night or following him around after gameday.

Even the new Jacksonville Jaguars, where Tebow sweatshirts are appearing by hordes…and where Tebow is seen as a true  hero and exemplary football player…is now saying through the mouth of their new, inexperienced general manager that they don’t want Tebow there either.

Tim Tebow has so many better options, in promoting  health products to his own Foundation work with Christian missions both here and overseas…he is a talented football player who simply does not fit into the highly secular management structure of today’s professional football organizations.

Calling him an “unorthodox” quarterback is also a non-starter since we could name a good dozen quarterbacks, starting with Fran Tarkinton, my schoolmate Bob Griese and others who were given more of a chance than Tebow to showcase his skills and leadership abilities.

Tim Tebow – forget about the NFL; your talents are not appreciated there and the secular press simply cannot handle your true Christian lifestyle…find a home elsewhere – and  the mailbox will be full of wonderful offers from other business enterprises who would fall over themselves to have you on their “team”.


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