Posted by: conservativecritic | January 16, 2013

Lithium Batteries – still unsafe at any speed or altitude?

Japan’s transport industry says the new Boeing 787 planes it operates(All Nippon Airways has 17 such jets) have been  grounded after a lithium battery failure onboard an operating aircraft.  This is not the first such incident and even the United States Postal System(USPS) has announced that it’ll refuse to ship any gear containing lithium ion batteries overseas.

The postal service believes combusting power packs have caused two fatal cargo plane crashes since 2006 — hence the ban, which takes effect from May 16th. Anyone wishing to ship the latest tech to those living or serving overseas will have to use another shipping company — although the ban might be relaxed in 2013, once safety testing has been carried out.

There have been exploding lithium ion batteries in electric cars – so one wonders if the move to incorporate “advanced technology” into supposedly energy saving situations is premature.

If you don’t mind paying $12,000 for a replacement lithium battery in a LEAF electric car, be our guest…I thought the idea was to offer cost savings to the customer instead of having a battery on board which costs about half the price of a new vehicle and which may explode while standing still or upon impact.

What do you think?


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