Posted by: conservativecritic | March 1, 2013

Brazilian politicians seeking to outlaw ‘homophobic’ speech, warn evangelicals

February 28, 2013,  – Brazilian lawmakers are seeking pass a law prohibiting “homophobia,” which would potentially outlaw all criticism of homosexual behavior. The bill is part of the country’s criminal code reform currently being undertaken in the National Congress, according to members of Brazil’s newly-formed National Association of Evangelical Jurist (ANAJURE).

“Every criticsm of homosexual behavior would be prohibited, even in churches,” warned ANAJURE founding member Jean Regina, an attorney from the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in a video interview with’s Latin America correspondent Matthew Hoffman.

In addition, the proposed penal code reform and other proposed measures currently would eliminate protections for the unborn and legalize prostitution. 

Regina said although the “evangelical churches and evangelical press started fighting against these ideas” when the bill was first introduced, creating “pressure not to pass this bill,” it has returned once more.

ANAJURE’s president, Uziel Santana, believes that Christians are currently losing the struggle over life and family at the cultural level, but still have the ability to fight through the nation’s legal system.

“The juridical system is still in our favor,” Santana said. “We Christians have sadly already lost the cultural war.”

Santana also noted that ANAJURE and other Evangelical groups are seeking to increase their cooperation with Brazilian Catholics to fight the culture of death in Brazil, a country in which “liberation theology” has undermined the Catholic Church’s pro-life mission.

Brazil has always been a hotbed of sexual liberation – if you don’t believe that, check out what “Carnival” in Brazil…you may not want to have your kids around the computer when you bring up that topic…


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