Posted by: conservativecritic | March 4, 2013

Medical Fraud – claims of curing HIV will cost you dearly…

The medical community, at least a part of it that relies on the pharmaceutical industry, is enthralled with the apparent “cure” of an infant that was born with HIV.  Doctors are awash with unabashed self-congratulations on this miraculous feat.

The byline, unfortunately, is that traces of the HIV virus are still running around in the DNA of the infant, even though on the surface the baby does not exhibit the primary medical characteristics that are associated with HIV.

What this means is that the massive doses of anti-biotics and expensive pharmaceuticals is being raised as the prescription for this apparent “cure”.  Are medical doctors so dumb as to believe that if the HIV virus is still detected in the youngster’s DNA that there is really a cure…or is this just more news for Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine…and fodder for a few dozen new PhD thesis topics for aspiring medics…

Yes, the Pharmaceutical industry is the loudest cheerleader in this new fraud being perpetuated on America…and you and I will pay  through the nose(or other bodily oriface) with Obama’s health care program covering the use of more and more powerful drugs for pre-existing conditions for all  types and variants of HIV, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases…for infants and adults.

It is important to look beyond the champaign toasts and the yelling and shouting now going on in the medical community regarding this interesting development…and look for who will benefit(the Pharmaceutical industry) and who will pay(you and I) for this apparently incomplete and misleading experiment that will be paid for(by you  and I) under Obamacare!!.



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