Posted by: conservativecritic | March 4, 2013

Warren Buffett a buffoon – without his money…

Based on Buffett’s latest comments on Bernanke and his promotion of various stimulus programs, I see Buffett as simply a buffoon…someone who has accumulated so much money and industrial power that he can afford to make stupid statements and still have the media and the world’s CEO’s follow him and his example.

Buffett is a also a complete fool to support Obama’s financially degrading policies and a greater fool to try to accumulate even more wealth at his advanced age…

The Bible has a few words about this type of thinking…”…the love of money is the root of all evil” is how the saying goes…money in itself can accomplish great things….but the LOVE of money, as it appears Buffett is concerned with…will be his downfall and those who follow his vain and monetarily based policies.

I actually think that Warren Buffett expects a Brinks truck full of money to follow his funeral procession to the cemetery…truly a sad story to see unfolding…


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