Posted by: conservativecritic | March 26, 2013

The GMO Spin Continues…

View the following before you continue…

I live on the Central California coast where agriculture is king…and the millions of dollars that flows into this area to Colleges and Universities to continue the growing GMO(Genetically Modified Organism) lie  continues to expand by the year.  Virtually every one of the agricultural departments at these institutions of higher learning is basically on the take…taking fellowships, scholarships, grants and study money to continue the GMO fiction and deceit.

On the other hand, since there is no money whatsoever being offered by the private or public sector to discredit GMO,  it is a no brainer for the University agricultural departments…take the money or starve.

Then there are the “shills”…those individuals who used to work for companies who commercialize GMO seeds…and who now act as local “experts” and who provide their opinions on the subject for the local news media.

Needless to say, it is a one-sided discussion in the OP-ED sections of these local papers.

I read one of these “shill” editorials the other day,  presumably from someone who, as we noted above, worked for a GMO company for many years.  His most hilarious  comment was that “DNA is DNA”, whether it comes from a plant, a human or a bacterium.  If he was in charge of any of the research on GMO during his tenure with his former company, we are in serious trouble.  The DNA of the host(or natural) seed is dramatically altered by the insertion of a virus(typically e-coli 157 H7) into the natural seed by what is called “horizontal gene transfer”.

The DNA of the host or targeted natural seed is thus altered to produce a variant which is sometimes uncontrolled and unpredictable…but in some cases produces a better colored tomato, etc.  So, Mr. Shill, DNA is not what you as a former employee want us to believe it is…unless in his 30 years working with the GMO company he never really understood what they were doing….and this is the calibre of person who is trying to convince the public(as a GMO shill) that there is essentially no difference in the resultant, genetically modified plant.  (Actually, genetic modified usually means that the DNA is altered….guess he missed that as well)…

The stark facts behind the GMO facade are still there…shoved under the rug by the mega-billion companies who have corralled this new enterprise on a near-global basis and who virulently denounce any attempt by the private sector to expose the many false and misleading claims being promoted by the GMO executives and their university minions.

Actually, I come from a third generation mid-western farming and ranching family and have had a first hand look at the reality of GMO:

(1) the biotech manufacturers and promoters claims that crop yields will be larger and less fertilizer and fewer pesticides will be required;  the TRUTH – there is no measurable yield change in corn, canola or other GMO-based crops while a greater amount of pesticides are being required to combat a gradual tolerance of these chemicals by debilitating crop problems and an intolerance of the GMO strain to pestilences of any type.


(2) the biotech crowd claims that there is no increase in measurable health problems caused in either man or beast by the consumption of GMO materials; the TRUTH – University studies(Cornell) have conclusively shown that while the beasts of the field(i.e. cattle) only digest perhaps 25 percent of incoming nutrients, the presence of GMO in corn-fed cattle results in the infusion of dangerous biological entities in the cattle’s body which in turn begins to explain the increasing presence of e-coli 157-H7 and its variants(used in the GMO genetic manipultion process) in hamburger patties served to you at your favorite fast food restaurant. By comparison, hay fed cattle exhibit 100 times LOWER levels of this virulent microbe in either their feces or meat products.

(2)..continued.  While we normally give the Europeans short shrift for short work weeks, and too much vacation time, beer and wine consumption, they do have it right on GMO, banning products across the EU which come from GMO seeds.  Recent occurrences of GMO occurring in sprouts grown across Europe were quickly and conveniently plowed under before definitive samples, tests and studies could be conducted on the nature of the problem and its impact on health issues which began showing up around the European continent.

Just like we predicted, Europe shredding the evidence of e-coli contaminated vegetables - no way to identify GMO after it is shredded!!

Just like we predicted, Europe shredding the evidence of e-coli contaminated vegetables – no way to identify GMO after it is shredded!!

(2)..continued – actually, we had the same issue surface a couple of years ago in the fertile Salinas Valley of California where a variety of virulent bacteria(e-coli 157-H7 to be exact) showed up on lettuce samples.  The blame was placed on cattle droppings several miles away from the row crops which had been affected, and that the contaminating materials been carried to the vegetable fields by small animals…and when the federal investigating agencies arrived and the contaminated samples were eventually transported to a local warehouse to the analyzed, the samples were promptly shredded, preventing any determination of whether the contaminant was on the surface of the plant or imbedded in the genetics of the lettuce thanks to GMO seeds which may have contained the virulent microbe.

(3) the biotech crowd claims that there is absolutely no difference in genetic composition between natural and GMO seeds and their products. The TRUTH  – if that GMO claim were true, they have yet to explain why the GMO seeds are so different that they deserve a special patent category!  Farmers are being dragged into court because pollen from GMO crops, drifting into the farmer’s non-GMO field, contaminates the farmer’s crop and the lawyers for the GMO companies pile onto these farmers, claiming that they are illegally “using” the GMO seeds when in fact no such thing occurs.   The motivation here is quite clear – control and money.



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