Posted by: conservativecritic | May 5, 2013


The movement to promote “gender-neutral” language and thinking has entered a new stage in Washington state with the final piece of a six-year effort to re-write state laws. Thousands of pages of legislation have been modified to reflect gender-neutrality. “fisherman” is now “fisher”; “freshman” is now “first-year student”; “journeyman plumber” is now “journey-level plumber”; “penmanship” is now “handwriting”; “signalman” is now “signal operator” (“Washington state removes gender bias,” Reuters, Apr. 23, 2013). Reuters reports that 10 other states have passed “gender-neutral” legislation and at least 9 others are considering it.  This a “war on the English language,” but it is much more than that. Liz Watson, a senior adviser of the National Women’s Law Center, says, “Words matter. This is important for changing hearts and minds.” Indeed, this is a dramatic feat of social engineering to prepare “global citizens” for the New Age. By the way, we wonder why nothing has been done about those dastardly words “woMAN” and “feMALE.”


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