Posted by: conservativecritic | May 11, 2013

Bengazi – the truth comes out: Clinton and Obama proven as liars…now what should we do with them?

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been proven as liars in sworn testimony before Congressional hearings on the Bengazi killings of Americans.

So, what do we do with liars?  Well, the problem is(as my smart wife points out) that young people today could care less about what happens in the sands of Libya…much less to our American heros who stand watch over our interests in that foreign land.  Furthermore, if Obama keeps giving these young, impressionable(and mostly stupid)  young people more “goodies” with his  handouts and redistribution of income…it will be hard to find enough voices to oust Obama from office before the end of his current term.

The Democrats are circling their wagons around their lying leader…so we need to vote them out and try to find a few good men and women who can be trusted to enact and enforce laws that support our country.  

Clinton – well,  she comes from a family of compulsive liars…and anyone thinking of putting her into the Oval Office has feathers for brains…if they think things are bad under Obama…just see the Clinton pair running the country down the slippery slope to disaster.

Liars both…now exposed…but with the mainstream media and the Democratic party looking the other way…are we doomed… or just too complacent to take action to remove these fools from office?

What do you think?

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