Posted by: conservativecritic | May 16, 2013

Obama’s feeble attempt to regain control of the Presidency…

Well – it’s all unravelling in front of the American public, Congress and the world at large…there is a lot of dirt under the rugs at the White House, and Obama is attempting to get the cleaning lady to whisk it away.

In other words, the  100 pages of e-mails on Bengazi represents only a drop in the bucket of tens of thousands of e-mails that concern that incident that have not been released;  we would call that a pretty feeble attempt by Obama to sweep  that dirt under the carpet.

And then we have Attorney General Holder, once again showing he would be willing to fall on his sword for Obama by interfering with potential Special Prosecutor investigations into the IRS’s illegal(and probably felonious) activities regarding the Tea Party and other conservative organizations which were attempting to apply for special tax waivers as non-profit activities.

Worse, the IRS has now been caught feeding confidential, tax returns(with lists of donors) from conservative organizations opposed to same-sex marriage…to homosexual groups!

To say that Obama and Holder and   others in the White House had no part in or knowledge of this is the height of ignorance…why would some “underlings” in the IRS conduct such activities on their own?


Obama fires the head of the IRS – so what?  It was not on his watch that all these felonious activities took place – this is just another Obama “showpiece” to illustrate that  he is in charge and “on top of” these issues….what a fraud we have in the White House!


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