Posted by: conservativecritic | May 20, 2013

Obama lies to graduating Morehouse College students – and receives an honorary doctorate degree in return…

Well, what did you expect…confetti and balloons?  Obama chose an all black, male college to give a commencement address because if he were to go to a Big Ten or other mixed race college about this time…he would have been boo’ed and heckled….and we all know how much our President hates to be heckled..

He tells the graduates(lying of course) that

“…they won’t get anything they haven’t worked for?”

What planet has Obama been living on?  Unemployment payments, welfare, food stamps…well, we could list others to the end of this page…

If he simply does what he says….then perhaps we would see some “change” in the country’s direction, its economy, its energy program and jobs…very few of those male, black graduates will find a job…and the highlight of their 4 years of study at Moorhouse clearly was being able to hear Obama telling them to “man up”…something Obama should do himself when it comes to leveling with the American public about the IRS, Bengazi and other scandals quickly overrunning his administration.


Is the honorary degree for simply showing up at a black college to speak, or was it for something he accomplished(like the Nobel Prize committee seemed to think he did…advance world peace? )

Actually, it is simply good form to hand out an honorary degree to a commencement speaker…but it Obama’s case, he should have been given a rotten eggs to take back to the White House instead of a diploma…

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