Posted by: conservativecritic | May 30, 2013

Obama/Big Brother is watching you – closer than you think…Project ARGUS

THE ARGUS DRONE (Are you being watched?)

We can be watched without knowing we are being watched!
What does a DRONE see from 17,000 feet above your head?
The following video clip will be an eye opener.

Over the years, the government has placed satellites in orbit that periodically monitor various targets of interest around the globe…perhaps once every 90 minutes or so per satellite platform. 

The imaging technology in these satellites is quite remarkable, considering that they are nearly 100 miles above the earth…and having the capability to read license plates, the brand of cigarettes in your hand or other small objects.  Remember, these are just “glimpses” of these objects…what is different about ARGUS is  that a large area(see the video) can be observed 24/7 with extremely accurate optics…a historical data base for small or large areas can be obtained and easily stored with current memory technology.

It is important that the public become aware of these semi-covert activities…you cannot see the drone at 17,000 feet – it looks like a bird, it makes no noise and leaves no contrail…but it is watching you, day or night if the targeting data matches your profile or activity.

What do you think?


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