Posted by: conservativecritic | June 4, 2013

SILICON VALLEY – now nothing more than games and social network systems…

When Silicon Valley got its name, originally about 30 years ago, it was really something…an exciting area of development for new and broadly useful technologies that helped the United States become a leader in electronics, consumer products, aerospace and related industries.

Then, the best and brightest were involved in innovation and spent little time diddling with TV remotes or hand-held devices that let them play games with one another.  Wow…how times have changed…now they sit on the couch as part of the high unemployment rate of California and play interactive games via the internet and their Blackberry or home PC.

They also exchange pictures and made up stories of their personal lives via Facebook; they look for  pornography on Yahoo’s newest acquisition Tumblr; or they speed text on Twitter to everyone they know about every immaterial detail of their sordid life.

So, what we have is no longer a dynamic technology innovator called Silicon Valley,  we have a bunch of wild eyed gamers developing software that depicts dungeons and dragons and vile monsters from distant planets fighting with noble citizens.  This is innovation?  No, it’s a sign that tells us that we are no longer a nation of innovation but one which spends its time developing pastimes for the unemployed or crazed teenager.

It is no wonder that 3 out of 4 companies backed by Venture Capital fail in the first year – taking hundreds of millions of dollars of useful currency down the drain.  The span of attention of the users of this softwater and internet social media is short…hence the  rapid and continuing failure of new entries into this arena(Zumba, et al).

The only other types of business that seem to momentarily thrive in Silicon Valley are those which get massive loans underwritten by the Obama administration…Solyndra is only one of dozens of companies in that area which have  failed…


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