Posted by: conservativecritic | July 4, 2013

Morsi and Obama – cut from the same Muslim cloth…

I was struck by (former) Egyptian President Morsi’s excuse for his current situation…he blamed it on his predecessor, Mubarek.   Obama still blames all of his current problems on George Bush.  Neither will accept responsibiity for their errors or inabilities.


Morsi promised a new beginning – a transparent and open democracy, one which represented all of the Egyptian people and not favoring individuals who might be close to him…Obama, also a Muslim, promised the same things for the American people….both Morsi and Obama have gone back on the promises…


Morsi  has been removed from office for incompetence and failure to fix Egypt’s financial and unemployment problems…sounds just like Obama’s failures…the only question is…when is Obama going to be removed?



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