Posted by: conservativecritic | July 12, 2013

The US is now Ruled by Kangaroos…

You can run from reality, but it will eventually catch up to you.  If you don’t believe me, try out-running your shadow.

James Clapper is the head of an obscenely mismanaged and misguided espionage machine known as the National Security Agency.   Its purpose was to spy on our enemies but instead it spies on Americans.  But that’s no longer called spying in the Obama administration.   Clapper claimed to be “clearly erroneous.”  That’s called lying, but not under the Obama administration.  There’s a consequence for lying called perjury, but there is not a ramification under the Obama administration.  Morsi’s Arab Spring was rejected in Egypt and he was deposed by the military, which is called a coup d’etat, but that’s no longer called a coup according to the Obama administration.

Smoke and mirrors.  Sleight of hand.  A façade covering a mask hiding a disguise, and euphemisms substituted for anything remotely resembling candor.

Honesty?  So passé…………………………………….so jejeune…………………………….

Eric Holder did not lie to Congress even though he really did lie to Congress, because today we’re told he didn’t lie his sorry butt off. We’re told he was held in contempt.

We are being ruled by kangaroos, the trademark of societies in foreign lands which never once rivaled our great country, yet whom we now resemble and are emulating  at a speed approaching MACH I: haphazard policies, seat of the pants plans long on style and short on substance.  There’s a reason the United States was once revered for its power and prestige, but, when a president is incognizant or simply refuses to acknowledge the framework for greatness, the support structure rots, the foundation weakens along with its vital supports, and deterioration doesn’t just begin, it accelerates and does so with a vengeance, not unlike the skill it takes to implode a building.  That begs a question:  is the real goal to engineer a collapse and be the one left holding all the guns among the ruins?

This presidential gig isn’t for rookies, but we have a kid in the driver’s seat mindful of a child who gave up his Hot Wheels toy and stole the keys to the family car, weaving and careening down the road like a monkey driving a little motorcycle at the circus.  We’ve had to endure rookie-mistakes, bewildering decisions with consequences for which we will pay long after my lifetime, and it all happened because America became enamored with a man who successfully sold skin color over substance.  How embarrassing, especially in light of the men he was lucky enough to succeed, and that even includes Bill Clinton and Jimma Carter.

We gave away 26 of the second-most  sophisticated fighter jets in the world to Egypt under a Muslim Brotherhood leader, which is not unlike giving an advance replica of the Enola Gay to Hirohito. Here’s the silver lining for now:  the Egyptian air force doesn’t know how to fly them, at least not yet.  Congress, at the insistence of Obama, crumbled and just gave them away, and George W. Bush was dim, eh?  At least he could fly one.  Obama doesn’t even know where the key fits into the ignition, and we’re not just talking aircraft this time.

Posers don’t fly F-16’s, much less do they hand them over blindly to a sworn enemy.   Morsi’s commando-led “government” lasted one year, and if Obama had not insisted it be supported with our tax dollars it might have only lasted a month.  Why?  Because that is the nature of rogue-regimes and not the basis upon which a civilized nation will thrive:   it was a recipe for failure instead of success that an experienced president would recognize, and one that this one did not, or more correctly would not.  This dramatic shift in the past days is a tribute to the people of Egypt who just said “NO.  Not happening.  We will not abide it any longer”, which actually shames America further, for we continue to rationalize it in order to ignore the ineptness of The Bumbler.

Hillary Clinton owns responsibility for our international decline in prominence as much as Obama, but wears some type of clothing where skid marks don’t stick.  What were her qualifications again, by the way?  Oh, that’s right.  She was married to Bill Clinton.  No experience.  No resume.  Never held accountable for running her yap before, and not held responsible now.   She quite literally has moved up the government ladder for getting a new coif for whom the media would swoon.  Facelift.  Nip and tuck.  A little liposuction, but never quite enough.  Now that’s what I want in my Secretary of State.  That’s what we’ve needed all along in the Department of State———–another Great Pretender.  Someone without the capacity to think strategically in the aggregate because she is so focused on her own navel.

We now see the inexperience and how it all played out.  Insecure and unsophisticated leaders in all industries as well as governments surround themselves with others like themselves.  If you don’t know what you’re doing, and it has been demonstrated profoundly that Mr. Obama does not, the “automatic” is to make certain there is a coterie of people around oneself from whom one won’t be threatened.  What a chicken-heart.

We are not just now confronted by the mishaps and missteps of State, we are confronted by inexperience with respect to the economy, energy, health care, border control, international respect, defense, the random application and interpretation of law, and burdensome regulation.  Forget about finesse, charm, decorum, and brains.

This debris foils the performance of the engine, and what is that engine?  It’s called the economy, the very lifeblood of what has allowed us to remain a superpower.  What is left?  What might be revived in order for it to produce what it once allowed the country to thrive?  Right now it’s on life-support, and instead of having attending physicians it is being administered to by a bunch of quacks, strangled by a ton of regulation, a hit-squad of gun-toting EPA nuts, an IRS operating under an order to kill, Dodd Frank, Sarbanes Oxley, the dark cloud looming called Obamacare, and enough other shackles to make sure it cannot swim.

What does the change in Egypt portend and is that now a destabilization factor that leads to unthinkable disaster, or something around which our country might rally?  It’s impossible to predict; constructive under one set of considerations and the lynchpin of destruction on the other.  The president’s handlers, instead, say that mum’s the word.  Why?  Because they miscalculated this entire situation so badly they are searching for an excuse.

Lois Lerner ?  No consequences.  James Clapper?  No consequences.  Douglas Shulman? No consequences.  Eric Holder?  No consequences.  Hillary Clinton?  (don’t even get me started)

The list of abuses goes on and the run from reality continues.  All these clowns might very well escape culpability, but the problem with reality is that it’s approaching fast from behind, and just about to track down the rest of us.

Then what?


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