Posted by: conservativecritic | August 14, 2013

Private Manning – traitor, homosexual and now going to jail for life…

PFC Manning is a thin, anemic and reclusive person who has been ignored by the usual homesexual-leaning left-wing crowd simply because supporting him would undercut Obama’s overt promotion of the homosexual lifestyle and same-sex marriage.

Manning will find a “mate” in prison who will entertain him 24/7 in the most exotic and demeaning ways…ensuring years of additional degredation to his sentence.

Years ago, definitive lie detector tests were use to remove homosexual or lesbian candidates from classified military work.  This was due, at that time, to the understanding by medical and psychiatric professionals that homosexuality was a learned trait and represented an abnormal mental condition which would render the individual susceptible to blackmail on one hand and a propensity to fall victim to mentally unstable decisions which could create serious problems for others.

The world continued to turn and in today’s military, not only are homosexuals welcome in the military, but like the PFC above, are granted special security clearances  to work on intelligence related projects.   How the world has changed…and the military is the only one to blame for letting these deviates into the service first and then handing them the nation’s top secret  documents…what do you expect?


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