Posted by: conservativecritic | August 27, 2013

High Tech Lynching…

 When I look at Paula Deen, I see my mother. In a world filled with
> terrorism, war, and economic instability, Paula offered the nation comfort
> in the form of traditional southern decadence: sugar, butter, and lard. Deen
> brought an unassuming, uniquely American approach to the often pretentious
> world of culinary art. Yet despite representing a traditional maternal
> figure to many Americans, we sat back, powerless as she was systemically
> extorted, distorted, and discarded without any opportunity for defense. That
> is a real war on women, and America should be ashamed.

> A product of the quaint, eccentric city of Savannah Georgia, Paula was not
> the brainchild of some Hollywood consulting firm, but rather, a small
> business owner who happened upon success. Years ago, during the filming of a
> popular movie, a network executive dined in Paula’s restaurant and became
> enchanted with her authentic approach. He helped launch her first cook book,
> and the rest was history.

> Leading up to her infamous lawsuit, Paula was contacted by the attorney of
> her brother’s employee, Lisa Jackson. Jackson, a white woman, worked at
> Uncle Bubba’s, a restaurant co-owned by Paula and her brother. The attorney
> instructed Paula to settle with Jackson for $1.25 million or else Jackson
> would bring damaging details into the public forum regarding the “culture”
> of racial and sexual discrimination at the restaurant. He went on to
> threaten that if Paula did not comply, the lawsuit would “permanently and
> irreparably damage her brand.”

> In other words, Paula was extorted while the world sat idly by. The mere
> accusation of racism was enough to cripple a 10 year, multi-million dollar
> career. Paula was dragged before an inquiry board and asked the equivalent
> of “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party.” The
> answers didn’t matter. She was convicted in the court of public opinion
> before she even began.

> This week, the court cleared Deen of any wrong doing. There was no racism in
> her restaurant, as many African Americans have attested since the charges
> were leveled. Deen was brought down by an extortionist attorney and
> complicit media. 

> This story alongside George Zimmerman and the infamous Obama Rodeo Clown
> proves that race has become a weapon for people with an agenda that has
> nothing to do with equality. Race is now a smoke screen that can be used to
> stifle government criticism, to deny 2nd amendment rights, and most
> despicably, to blackmail people in positions of influence. We are living in
> an age of New McCarthyism, and unless Americans expose these stories for the
> malarkey that they are, you may wake up one day to find that you too have
> been labeled a racist


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