Posted by: conservativecritic | September 5, 2013

Obama’s minions worked overtime to figure out how to pass the buck on Syria

In an impassioned appeal for support both at home and abroad, our  PASS THE BUCK President Barack Obama said Wednesday the credibility of the international community and Congress is on the line in the debate over how to respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria.

As Obama made his case overseas during a visit to Sweden, his proposal for military intervention was under consideration by skeptical members of Congress.

Asked about his own past comments drawing a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons, Obama said it was a line that had first been clearly drawn by countries around the world and by Congress, in ratifying a treaty that bans the use of chemical weapons.

“That wasn’t something I just kind of made up,” he said. “I didn’t pluck it out of thin air. There’s a reason for it.”  LIAR!

Obama said that if the world fails to act, it will send a message that despots and authoritarian regimes “can continue to act with impunity.”

“The moral thing to do is not to stand by and do nothing,” he declared at a news conference in Stockholm with Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

What Obama knows about morality(vis. same sex marriage, support for homosexuality in the military, etc) and a dime will get you a cup of coffee.

So, once again we have a feckless President who sat out the developments in Syria while playing golf and vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard pushing off the responsibility he clearly stated above….sad day for America…sad  day for the Middle East…he assumes responsibility for NOTHING, except those kudos which he cherry picks from the political tree….blame Bush, blame Congress…but not a single word of responsibility for the problems that have happened on his watch to America in the last 5 years…



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