Posted by: conservativecritic | September 11, 2013

Assad, Putin Making Obama Look Like A Fool Over Syrian Drama


As the drama in Syrian continues to unfold, Obama’s policy and efforts are looking more and more like he is at his wits end, playing musical chairs. The problem is that whatever actually happens might have grave consequences for all concerned. Another problem is that Obama is looking like the weak President that he actually is; his inexperience with foreign policy on an international scale is showing up in some glaring weaknesses. Not only that, but the inexperience and inability of his entire team, from Secretary Kerry on down the line are also glaring weaknesses.

This all leads to the two winners in Syria: Putin and Assad. They both effectively get what they want…at least so far. Assad has so far managed to avert a strike and continues killing off his opposition. Putin, on the other hand, gets to appear like he can influence US foreign policy at will. Plus, he gets a phony diplomatic solution that is basically unenforceable.

So, what has happened in the last 24 hours? Well, after hearing about how Kerry made his off-handed remark about how Assad could avert US action by immediately turning over all his chemical weapons, the Russians and the Syrians both jumped on that proposal. Off to the side, Obama began claiming that it was HE who discussed this “diplomatic” option  with Putin…what a bunch of horse puckey!!  

Of course, the Russians wanted assurances from Kerry and/or the White House that he was serious before they tried to twist Syria’s arm. Later, Obama actually called this Russian proposal as a breakthrough and even Kerry began to say that this was his intention all along! Kerry lied about his three purple hears and silver star in Vietnam…what do you expect!!  Right, does anyone believe that the razor’s edge mind of John Kerry could come up with something that strong and diplomatic, for lack of a better word? Nope, it was a mistake pure and simple.

However, Putin is certainly no dummy. He took further advantage of this situation as he watched it unfold in the US. You see, all of the typical Obamaites began congratulating Obama on his so-called progress. Of course, Obama accomplished none of this…absolutely zero. It was simply an off-handed comment made by John Kerry, the other village idiot. Harry Reid, right on cue, delayed Wednesday’s Senate vote on this pending resolution. And even the media is preparing the groundwork so that Obama can simply pivot away…again…and get himself extricated from this mess. But, do not count on it being that easy. Not with Putin involved. Obama has even kicked this thing back to the UN, saying he is fine with waiting for a UN Resolution. But Putin, has taken the advantage back again.

Now, Putin says that he is opposed to both a UN Resolution on this (despite his previous insinuations that there MUST be such a resolution in place first) and to Syria just simply unilaterally handing over its chemical weapons. Instead, he now says that the US, and all who are allied with any plan for military action, to renounce any use of force before Syria would turn over their weapons. After all, how can any country unilaterally disarm if there are current military actions against it under consideration?

Indeed. This is simply just Putin making Obama look bad. This is two boys playing with their toys on the schoolyard trying to out macho the other. The thing is…Obama’s act is a fraud and Putin knows it. Actually, everyone in the world knows it now. This whole situation over Syria has now completely destroyed Obama’s influence that no world leader could possibly take him seriously now. He is done. We can only hope that someone there is a way out of this without dragging any more people or nations into war.


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